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  • Bloody Mary Kay

      Name's Mary Kay and friends have been calling me 'Bloody Mary Quite Contrary' since middle school, 6th grade, I believe. I'm currently Video Game Developer and also work part-time at, I Do NOT sell or associate with Mary Kay cosmetics, I do not even wear make up myself except a d...

    Skills: SARCASM, Humor, Producing Video Games, Gaming, Arcade Game Developing, Guitar, Knitting, Swimming

  • Jackie Robinson

    I'm not good in social situations. Would rather be with a few friends than a crowd even if I know everyone in the crowd. I worry about everything. I LOVE tattoos. I should have been a gypsy because I like to move when I get bored. I don't understand the word quiet most of the time. I usually laug...

    Skills: Painting, Sketching, Urban Exploring of old Buildings, Family Togetherness, BBQing (Grilling Foods), Psychic Skills, Magical Skills, Gaming

  • Jackie Robinson Facts Biography

    Jackie Robinson Facts Biography ~ I'm not good in social situations. Would rather be with a few friends than a crowd even if I know everyone in the crowd. I worry about everything. I LOVE tattoos. I should have been a gypsy because I like to move when I get bored. I don't understand the word...


  • Taylor Swift

    I am a wife, mother, lover and believer...and I am Taylor Swift's #1 fan too! Her music is a the soul that Taylor Swift loves to enterperte it with her guitar!  For hours we can enjoy her beautiful songs in these albums:  Taylor Swift - Piano/Vocal/Guitar Artist Songbook Taylor...

    Skills: Singing as A Star in the Universe, Fishing, Home Decorating, Real Estate, Gaming, Cooking

  • James Joseph Brown

    Hello everybody, I'm james Brown and I was born August 31, 1987 and I am father, husband, an amateur wrestler, singer-song, writer, painter and guitar musician. My brother, John, performed for the Organization of Modern Extreme Grappling Arts. I enjoy motocross and got my first bike, a Yam...

    Skills: Gaming, amateur wrestling, sports, deep-sea fishing, playing guitar, writing painting, singing, running, moto racing, willow, Action Wrestling, Road To Redemption

  • Michelle Pfeiffer

    She was free in her wildness. She was a wanderess, a drop of free water. She belonged to no man and to no city. A smile on a gray day. Today . yesterday and tomorrow. Sunshine, and a brand new day. An eternal daydreamer! Landing on; the runway. Then...taking off; again and again. Changes are flow...

    Tags: Poetry, Song Writing, Music, Singing, Dancing, Shopping, Film Editing, Modeling, Reading, Gaming, Cooking (when I have time), Collecting Antiques, Museums, Scuba diving

  • James Rodríguez

    You can call me James, Jamie, Jimmy and/or Jim. You will either like me or love me. I can be pretty intense at times, but am mostly a mellow guy. Get to know me! :D

    Skills: Writing humorous Hallmark Cards, Ghost Hunter Skills, Cooking, Making Supurb Desserts, Singing, Gaming

  • Barbara

    My name is Barbara, but you can call me Barb, Barbie, or Barbz. My lovely nephews and nieces call my Auntie Boo Boo. lol I am 5' 3″ wheatish, average body weight and completed my education from University of Michigan in Nursing and Biology last year. I am currently working as a private nurse. I f...

    Tags: Education, Sports, Fun, Gaming, Family, Nursing, Science, Biology, Health, Foods, University of Michigan, Bologna, Music, Movies, Yale Bologna Festival

  • Claudine Alpha

    The name's Claudine, how are you doing? I originally made this social media account to find love online. I do feel you need to know somebody to really love them, and not based on appearances.  I feel that I don't need kids unless I am really in love, stable, and my significant other wants childre...

    Skills: Gaming, Dating, Fishing, Games, Museums, Playing Video Games, Carnivals, Yard Sales, Camping, Anime, Travel Skills, Writing Poetry, Cooking

  • Sofía Martha Vergara

    The older I get, the more I realize I don't know nearly as much as I used to think I did. I just get up in the morning and do what it looks like I'm supposed to do. But, Here Are The 3 Main Simple Rules Of Life : If you don't go after want you want, then you won't get it.  If you don't ask, then ...

    Skills: Scuba Diving, Laughing, Playing, Gaming, Cooking, Baking, Surfing, gardening, Fishing, Hiking, Doing Somersaults. Tags: Fantasy, Gaming, Traveling, Whacky Adventures, Halloween, Christmas, Nature, Amusement Parks, Family Time, God, Road Trips, Spirituality, Yoga

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