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  • True Creepy Baby Doll Story

    My True Creepy Baby Doll Story Tale ! This picture is of a creepy baby doll I saw creeping up at me when I took out the garbage this morning! I was still half asleep and had not had my coffee yet, but after seeing this doll, I was more than wide awake LOL This armless (left arm missing,...

    Tags: True Creepy Baby Doll Story, photo, armless, freaked out, mama, batteries, freakish, haunted doll, picture, Creepy Baby Doll, garbage, scary doll, Friday the 13th

  • Real Haunted Scary Doll Possessed

    Real Haunted Scary Doll Possessed that someone posted on eBay for sale. There was an antique scary doll like this one at my grandma's house that would move around and giggle. My cousin never believed it so I decided to show her one day. I put the doll in the closet facing the door, we waited abou...

    Tags: Real Haunted Scary Doll Possessed, eBay, for sale, real, haunted, scary doll, scary, doll, dolls, doll, possessed, dolls, Furby, demonic, nope, garbage, unknown language, batteries

  • Wisconsin Music Bands Connection

    For sure I can say that there are thousands of songs and singers that during many years gave all of us as their fans son many beautiful moments listening to their musical creations. These names of singers and bands are just a tiny number compare what the real amount is, however, when we think ab...

    Tags: Milwaukee, Steve, Miller, Wisconsin, Guitarists, Garbage, Musical, Electronic, Rock, Louis, Gosz

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