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  • Amber Rose

    Model Amber Levonchuck, most known with the name Amber Rose, was born in USA, an American model, record music & recording artist. Sucessfully famous actress & socialite. Remains currently engaged to rapper musician Wiz Khalifa. She lived her younger years in Southern Philadelphia. What i...

    Tags: Fanshion Modeling, Happiness, Friends

  • The Baby Girl Shakira Laughing

    Dancing is a way babies show their happiness!Very cool and sweet to see this baby dancing, I guess he name is shakira.Peole can watch this video for a refreshing moments of joy.You got to laugh sometimes in order to keep your life happy and last longer living.

    Tags: Moments, Happy, Shakira, Baby Dancing, Happiness, Babies

  • Pure Irresistible Happiness Baby

    This baby is what we like to call Pure Irresistible Happiness

    Tags: Pure Irresistible Happiness Baby, Pure, Irresistible, Happiness, Baby

  • Easy Money Lottery

    Tags: Money, Amount., Lottery, Happiness, People, Worry

  • Destinee Diamond

    I own a diamond supply company and my business is about diamonds for men, women, teens boys girls and baby toddlers kids. Every Destinee Royale diamond comes with a Full Value Guarantee of 2 years!Between our collections, we have to offer the diamond rings for engagement, small and big jewelry to...

    Tags: Destinee Royale diamonds, diamond rings, diamond jewelry, Brilliance, Happiness, Resorts, Earrings, Rings, White Gold, lee hwa destinee engagement ring

  • A Nice Song Called Unwritten -The US Version Of Natasha Bedingfield

    A Nice Song Called Unwritten -The US Version Of Natasha Bedingfield.  Listen to this song and make your own opinion. There are many already at the video site where many can like it by deciding if they love it or not. Natasha Bedingfield Unwritten song takes a relaxed time to enjoy it...

    Tags: Unwritten, Song, US, Natasha, Bedingfield, Window, Music, Book, The Sun, Happiness

  • How to Make Sure You Got Loved

    My Love Quotes Contribution: People is always looking for happiness, and then, there isn't happiness without love! Really, these three steps will show us how to make sure by planting the seed of love, we can get it right back to ourselves. Love is a process that begins with us believing it ...

    Tags: Love, Mom, Country, Happiness, Loving, Proud, World, Seed

  • Dexter Devinci Review

    Dexter Devinci Review: In college I worked as a waiter where I had the unfortunate luck of waiting on Christopher Reeves before his accident. Pardon my French, but he was a total d**k. Always made me think, "Hmmmmmm!" when he would talk about peace, love and happiness after his accident.While wor...


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