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  • Random Imgur

    I love to share Imgur gifs, pictures small, large images and combined interesting unique photos worldwide with all of you. Your opinions count 100% ... so please tell me what this one is about and what it means, what, where, how, when, who, etc. by  commenting, voting, highlighting and shari...

    Skills: Photographer, Artist, Having Fun, commenting, voting, Random Imgur meme, sharing, dedication, funny gifs, photos, pics, fotos, images, pictures

  • Abigail Spencer

    My nickname since I was a baby is "Abi-Pooh" can also call my Abi and Abigail, but PLEASE don't call me plain old Gail because Gail is an old lady's name! lolAnyways, I have A.D.D. ... and have so much fun with it...too much fun, actually. HahaI love DIY channel and HGTV (would love to tear...

    Skills: Gourmet Cooking, Baking, Video Gaming, Fashion Design, Poems, Exercising, Having Fun, Puzzles, Writing Songs, Singing, Playing Guitar, DIY Projects, Petcare, Biology, Science, Organizing

  • Claudine Alpha

    The name's Claudine, how are you doing? I originally made this social media account to find love online. I do feel you need to know somebody to really love them, and not based on appearances.  I feel that I don't need kids unless I am really in love, stable, and my significant other wants childre...

    Tags: Having Fun, Finding Love, Adventure, Video Games, Strolls on the Beach, Eating Out, Anime, Pokemon, Traveling, Poems, Going To The Zoo, History

  • Best Bulldog and Baby Video Compilation 2014 - 2015

    The new video to start watching it is : So cute!!!! The family is proud of both, the kid and his friend the flat face female canine.The video was made with a star British bulldog " called Massi" and their boy child, still sleeping. The boy's age is   less than 1 y. old but he was craw...

    Tags: dog, pet, having fun, english, to crawl, little kid, cute baby, baby video, Bulldog

  • Angelique Boyer

    I'm an Italian living in the US and working.A happy student attending Weill Cornell Medical College with a 40 hours a week full-time job at CooCoo's Dance Club. Nobody Really Knows Why They Work, Huh? I love going out and having fun with pals, watching movies, writing short stories, dancing, be...

    Skills: I'm a story writer, i write books with short stories, shopping, horseback riding, dancing, having fun, laughing

  • Sophia Bush

    My name's Sophia, and I’m currently looking for a job in youth services or teaching. I have 12 years of experience working with youth agencies, and have a Master’s degree in education. I consider myself a good public speaker, and I have a good sense of humor! I enjoy meeting new people and findi...

    Tags: Like cooking, eating different foods, Exploring, hiking, backpacking, florida, Creativity, Hard Work, cake decorating, having fun, eBooks, traveling, trying other cuisines, reading bookz, testing new recipes, Road Trips

  • Sean Loweksu

    I love kids! Playing sports like Football, sending them for their naps and learning. I don't like money, have enough already!

    Skills: sports, games, having fun

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