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  • Travel Amazing Places in America, Europe Asia Africa Australia

    Travel Amazing Places in America, Europe Asia Africa Australia.  Find a hotel with confort for you, the kids, pets, family and friends staying. Wonderful experiences only come by visiting gorgeous places like Las Vegas in Nevada NV Grand Canyon.  Visit London UK, Miami New York...

    Tags: Brazil, Buenos Aires, Nevada, Las Vegas, Kids, Pets

  • Bellagio Las Vegas Big Hotel Suites

    Bellagio Las Vegas Big Hotel SuitesLuxury Beds and bathrooms, NV Warm Bedroom

    Tags: Bedroom, Bellagio, Las Vegas

  • Funny Games Picture of Super Mario !

    Funny Games Picture of Super Mario ! Yeah, It'sa Super Mario & he has literally been caught red-handed skinny-dipping in a swimming pool just outside of Las Vegas (possibly in Death Valley if he shaved his mustache too!) on his 4th of July vacation week! Can we blame him though with the rece...

    Tags: Funny Games Picture of Super Mario, Death Valley, Las Vegas, swimming pool, extreme heat, United States, southwest, highs, 4th of July, vacation, super mario, Play Mario Games Online Free

  • Audi's Automatic Car Driving for Parking With Sensors

    Audi's Automatic Car Driving for Parking With Sensors This video shows how the car can go directed by several sensors install into the participating parking lots and a computer commands installed on the vehicle. These all means that the system local on the car can comunicate with the sensor...

    Tags: CES show, Las Vegas, Audi, Self Parking, Car Can Park Itself, Automatic, Parking

  • 5 Steps to Becoming Rich and Successful

    There are a million reasons why you landed on this page looking to find the free secrets on how to make lots of money on the trip to become successful and rich or to be able to one day say, "found the treasure chest once and for all". What does do the 5 steps to becoming rich and successful real...

    Tags: 401k, Economics, Pension, Business firm, LA streets, Las Vegas, Good grades, High school, Education, Lots of money

  • Pink Flamingos Can Flamingos Fly ?

    Can flamingos fly you ask ?! Yes they can, and beware of wild hot pink flamingos zombie lawn ornaments that may seem kitschy and cute from afar but they can actually pick a T-Rex dinosaur clean in under one minute at this time of year, especially wild flamingos in Florida and Las Vegas ! Please t...


  • Yamato Steakhouse Of Japan Menu In Defiance Ohio

    I enjoyed some really tasty Shrimp Tempura Sushi from the Yamato Steakhouse Of Japan restaurant in Defiance Ohio for lunch today! Next on this week's travel bucket list is some BBQ brisket from Joe's Kansas City Bar-B-Que Kansas City, KS and a T-Bone steak at Fleming's Steakhouse in Las...

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