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  • Funny Mcdonald's Mascots Characters Names List With Pictures in McDonaldland !

    Funny Mcdonald's Mascots Characters Names List With Pictures in McDonaldland ! The List of Mcdonald's Characters Names Goes As Follows:  1. Fry Guys/Fry 2. The Professor 3. Officer Big Mac 4. Uncle O'Grimacey 5. Purple Grimace 6. Ronald McDonald  7. Sundae ...


  • The Hamburger Patch

    The Hamburger Patch is part of the fictional city of McDonaldland where McDonald's hamburgers grow like fruit on plants from the Hamburger Patch! :) You can purchase some good stuff from the corporation company at Shopping Cheap Items Online Store in US. You can also find books, costumes and lot...

    Tags: The Hamburger Patch, McDonald's hamburgers, McDonaldland

  • McDonald's Character Police Officer Big Mac

    Funny-looking cheese mouth Officer Big Mac looks out for McDonaldland and is always chasing after The Hamburglar and Captain Crook the Pirate to protect the abundance of McDonald's burgers and fish sandwiches!

    Tags: McDonald's Character Police Officer Big Mac, Officer Big Mac, McDonaldland, The Hamburglar, Captain Crook, McDonald's burgers, fish sandwiches, cheese, funny

  • McDonald's Character Captain Crook The Pirate

    McDonald's Character Captain Crook The Pirate kind of resembles the villain Captain Hook from Peter Pan. Unlike the Hamburglar who steals burgers, he spends his time attempting to steal Filet-O-Fish sandwiches from citizens of McDonaldland while avoiding being caught by the police offic...

    Tags: McDonald's Character Captain Crook, Pirate, villain, burgers, Filet-O-Fish sandwiches, McDonaldland, Big Mac, police, cop, Captain Hook, Peter Pan

  • McDonald's Characters The Fry Kids or Fry Guys (Originally were Gobblins)

    The McDonald's Characters The Fry Kids or a.k.a. The Fry Guys promote McDonald's french fries. They were originally named Gobblins who liked to steal and "gobble up" the other McDonald's characters' french fries in McDonaldland.

    Tags: McDonald's Characters, The Fry Kids, The Fry Guys, Gobblins, french fries, steal, gobble up, McDonaldland

  • McDonald's Character Birdie the Early Bird

    The first McDonald's female character, introduced in 1980 to promote the company's new breakfast items of McDonaldland. She's a happy yellow bird who loves to wear a pink jumpsuit, flight cap and scarf. :)

    Tags: McDonald's Character Birdie the Early Bird, female character, 1980, happy, yellow bird, pink jumpsuit, flight cap, scarf, McDonaldland

  • McDonald's Character The Hamburglar character

    The McDonald's Character The Hamburglar character is a hamburger thief that dresses in a black and white striped shirt and pants, a large hat, eye mask & either a gold or a red cape. He loves to steal McDonalds hamburgers from the Hamburger Patch in McDonaldland! 

    Tags: McDonald's Character, The Hamburglar, character, hamburger thief, black and white striped, hat, mask, Hamburger Patch, McDonaldland

  • McDonald's Character Mayor McCheese

    Mayor McCheese has a gigantic cheeseburger for a head, wears a top hat, sash, and a pair of spectacles. and he's portrayed in McDonaldland as a giggly, bumbly and sometimes an incompetent but very funny mayor!

    Tags: McDonald's Character Mayor McCheese, McDonaldland, funny

  • Old Pic of the Original McDonalds Characters of McDonaldland

    Old Pic of the Original McDonalds Characters of McDonaldland

    Tags: pic, Original, McDonalds Characters, McDonaldland

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