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  • Politics & Government

    Politics & Government

    Lets get ready: Republican Presidential Candidates 2016 Election and Democratic Party Presidential Candidates (The Valid Vote) More news for president speech is probable the most followed events on social media and TV, television news. This is the group where we, the people can let out all our...

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  • Brayden Schenn

    I come from an upper middle class family. The most important things in my life are family, moral values & respect for elders. I am a modern thinker but also believe in good values given by our ancestors. I love going on trips with family and close friends, listening to music of all kinds of g...

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  • The New Pixel Smartphone and Improved VR Headset

    I forgot to post this new video posted the same day when the news were going around worldwide and in the United States the new Pixel Smartphone and improved VR headset. New phones to take over the market of millions of consumers and apps for their smart phones  with other gadgets are what t...

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  • News

    People wonder why my name is News, the I want to answer that particular question... I love to be informed and updated each day of my life. I watch TV a lot and always tell my friends about thinks important that are happening near them. I have my sister and her husband and kids currently living...

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  • STATE OF SHOCK Money Honey Photos

    STATE OF SHOCK Money Honey Photos Of Celebrities, Actresses, Singers, Musicians & Other Famous People That Are Shocking News Of PROOF When They Go Spiraling Downhill In The Public Eye, Photoshop and Airbrush photos to look more hot, ETC !

    Tags: STATE OF SHOCK, State Of Shock Money Honey, Photos, Celebrities, Actresses, Singers, Musicians, Famous People, Shocking, Spiraling, Downhill, news, proof, public, eye

  • Kim Kardashian News

    I can't/won't listen to radio phone pranks- get nervous/embarrassed for people they are pranking, my Sister loves to phrank on phones though. I want to play the dead body on a CSI style tv show. I do not like the Disney movie Dumbo- could watch daily..Pulp Fiction, Pride n Prejudice, Pollyanna, G...


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