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  • Ashley Benson mocks Amanda Bynes in an Instagram selfie pic !

    The beautiful movie actress, Ashley Benson, mocks Amanda Bynes in a selfie photo on Instagram. Honestly, this really is not all that surprising being that millions of these mocking pics are posted on social media every day, I am much more surprised to see Ashley Benson and Amanda Bynes in th...


  • Ronald McDonald Makeover Selfie

    New Ronald McDonald Makeover Selfie McDonald's has given the famous clown mascot Ronald McDonald a new hip look makeover in an attempt to be to be modern and relevant. Ronald McDonald's makeover of the Internet age is here as he is unveiled now wearing cargo pants, a red-and-white striped rugby ...

    Tags: Ronald McDonald Makeover, selfie, new ronald mcdonald, mcdonald's, grin, McLuvin it, new look, mascot, clown, iconic, red, shoes

  • When X-ray Technicians Take Selfies LOL!

    When X-ray Technicians Take Selfies LOL! Have you ever wondered what it looked like to see when Radiologists take a selfie pic?! Well, NOW you know, just too funny for words buhahahahahaha! Selfie Song Lyrics by The Chainsmokers When Jason was at the table I kept on seei...

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