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  • Bieber Fever

    Bieber Fever is not a good thing for me. I caught it from my next door neighbor, she played continuous Justin Bieber songs for seven years straight. I almost went crazy. I tried everything but moving, because I could not afford to move anywhere else. Besides, once you get it, moving will not help...

    Tags: Personality games, Movies, Free Movies and TV, Taking Pictures, Culinary Arts, Travel, Music, Social Media, Funny Videos

  • Sandra Bullock

    Hi, I am Sandra, most call me Sandy! I am easily amused, readily distracted, and I brook no nonsense. I am not here to join your fan club. Be engaging or begone. Thanks! :)

    Skills: DJ, Taking Pictures, Traveling, Baking Cookies and Brownies, Musician, Listening to hard rock while playing online computer games.

  • Java Array

    Hi, I'm Java and I currently attend The University of New Haven and work part-time at North Haven Medical Center as a Nurse's Aide. I also have been a keen photographer for several years and am a member of many Photo Clubs in town and online. I am also really into the fashion world and love to wa...

    Tags: Fashion, Clothing Lines, Taking Pictures, Photo Editing, Music, Art, Education, Dancing, Nature, Love, Meeting New People, Spending time with family

  • Annabelle Doll

    My name is Annabelle Higgins and I like to play! Playing is my favorite past-time ever. I play with dolls, even though I am a full grown adult. Mainly I play with Barbi dolls with my nieces. I also play ball games, my favorite is baseball and softball...but football is okay too if it isn't too r...

    Skills: Role Playing, Cosplay, Taking pictures, gaming, farming, agriculture, camping, foodie skills, cooking, makeup artist, gardening, anti-GMO activist, rafting, raising livestock, wildlife, forestry

  • Kevin Newmand

    I'm Kevin Newmand of Omaha, Nebraska. There are quite a few things I like to do, to see, and to experience in my big book of life such as reading, writing, thinking, dreaming, talking, and listening. Photograpy is a big passion of mine, I take pictures all of the time of everyting. 

    Tags: Taking pictures, cats, sunrises, moonlight, wind, the ocean, The Book Of Life, flowers, rain, the sky and clouds, the country air, lake in Hangzhou, cornfields in Champaign, IL

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