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  • High School Students, College Students Job Positions Opportunity

    High School Students, College Students Job Possitions Opportunity.  Crew Positions, Restaurant Operations, Corporate and Field Support. Retail Jobs at Fairview Mall. It offers lots of opportunities if you are looking for an exciting career in retail.  These are their words for ev...

    Tags: Enthusiastic, Sales, Individuals, Mendocino Stores, Associates Jobs, Customer Service, Leadership Skills, Resume, Full Time, Part Time, Driving, Team Player, Enthusiastic, Competitive Earnings, Training, Comissions

  • Meg B Porter

    Hello my name is Meg B. I spend most of days working at the train station in New York city, United States. I'm an engine controller and make sure everything runs smothly overhere. I'm an engeneer for heavy equipment machines and almost to retire. I never could marry because had no time to go...

    Skills: Mechanic, Selft Started, Positive Attitude, Team Player

  • James Lafferty

    I am a new wave adult indigo and people are constantly trying to pigeonhole me. However, every strike seems to bring me closer to the next home run and I keep moving forward at a steady pace. I like mainstream pop, old school 70s and 80s rock, jazz, and not-so-mainstream cello metal music.

    Skills: Dance, Motivate, Organized, Patient, Team player, Timely, Typing, Cooking

  • Magazine Luiza

    My name is Magazine Luiza, but most just call me Maggie. Ironically, I sell wholesale magazines for kids, for women, for teens, and for men for the cheapest deals! My magazine subscriptions have savings of 35% to 85% off retail magazine prices. I even offer free online magazines as well as fashio...

    Skills: Journalism, Editing, Writing, Selling, Microsoft Word, trustworthy, loyalty, courteousy, Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft Excel, Taking Photos, Team player, Patience

  • Sophia Bush

    My name's Sophia, and I’m currently looking for a job in youth services or teaching. I have 12 years of experience working with youth agencies, and have a Master’s degree in education. I consider myself a good public speaker, and I have a good sense of humor! I enjoy meeting new people and findi...

    Skills: Being creative, babysitting, Hard Work, writng recipes, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint, florida, miami, orlando, FL, Microsoft Word More Than Words, Motivatation, Organized, Patient, Team player, Timely, Typing

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