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  • Abigail Spencer

    My nickname since I was a baby is "Abi-Pooh" can also call my Abi and Abigail, but PLEASE don't call me plain old Gail because Gail is an old lady's name! lolAnyways, I have A.D.D. ... and have so much fun with it...too much fun, actually. HahaI love DIY channel and HGTV (would love to tear...

    Skills: Gourmet Cooking, Baking, Video Gaming, Fashion Design, Poems, Exercising, Having Fun, Puzzles, Writing Songs, Singing, Playing Guitar, DIY Projects, Petcare, Biology, Science, Organizing

  • Bella Thorne

    I only like bananas when they are still kinda green and not ripe cause they are just the right amount of sweet and bitter to me and I don't enjoy the mushy texture. Rice pudding is like the best thing ever. I also like tapioca pudding. And, Banana pudding is a whole other story for another time L...

    Tags: Society, Education, Marketing, Books, Design, Architecture, Being a nerd and a geek, Video Gaming, Mobile Apps

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