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  • Magazine & Victoria's Secret Model

    The Beautiful Super Magazine & Victoria's Secret Model. Kate Upton Super Star. She is happy to be an actress and modeling as the second job. Prety and famous woman.

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  • A Priceless & Beyond True Quote For Women Daughters & Moms

    A Priceless & Beyond True Quote For Women & Moms. This Woman's Quote is SO Beyond True! ~ " By The Time A Woman Realizes Her Mother Was Right, She Has A Daughter Who Thinks She's Wrong." LOVE These True Words Of Wisdom, I Wonder If Something Could Be Done About It?! Ha! In My Case, M...


  • Willie Nelson is an American Country Singer with Love

    Willie Nelson the free Texas spirit: American music and country singer we all know. Willie Nelson sings plays music jazz, soul, R&B, rock, pop, big ban. Songs like ”Crazy” and “Nite Life” in the ’60s. However, he has songs over the years as he kept singing and writing, composing music on ...

    Tags: Twinkle, Guitar, Country, Cry, Blue Eyes, Texas, Wonderful, Willie, Hearted, Woman, Waylon Jennings, Teardrops, Nelson, Greyhound, Falling In Love, Raysha, Mansion, Jack Rhodes, Children, Spirit, Memories, Freddy Powers

  • Coco Chanel Handbags Purse Bags Outlet

    Coco Chanel Handbags Purse Bags Outlet. Women's minds go all together with clothing shoes and jewelry. The purse or known as the woman's bag, are some of the mysterios things thta ladies have to set them apart from men's wants and likes.That's is how we know that women is sophisticated ...

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  • Home Is Where The Heart Is Poems

    Home is people's souls. It's not a place. If you go back to a place after souls are gone, then all you can see is an empty space. Home is where your heart is, more-so than where you lay your head. Home is not a place, it's a feeling and a state of mind. Earth is our temporary home....

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  • Beautiful Latin Women ! Latin Woman in Modern Family ?

    Beautiful Latin Women Latinas ! A lovely Latin woman and her adorable Latin brown baby girl Latina named Graciella ! The Latin Woman in Modern Family From Latin America Columbia ? Oh, are thinking of Sofia Vergara hehe This pic was taken in Brazil.

    Tags: Beautiful Latin Women, Latinas, lovely, Latin, woman, Latin woman, baby girl, Columbia, Brazil, adorable, Latin, Graciella, Sofia Vergara, brown, baby, Latina, latin brown baby

  • Alexa Vega Wears Pajamas in The Movie

    Alexa Ellesse Vega is an American actress IMDB born on August 27, 1988. Her Height is 5' 1" (1.55 m). Alexa Vega Wears Pajamas in The Movie, & At Home Too. In this photo she is sporting a Pajama T-Shirt and White Pants Pajamas while showing off her new Paula Deen Recipes cookbook. Alexa might...

    Tags: Alexa Ellesse Vega, American Actress, Alexa Vega feet, White, IMDB, Pajamas, The Movie, Alexa Vega, Pajama T-Shirt, Paula Deen Recipes, cookbook, Alexa, cute, girl, foodie, woman, eat

  • Ernest Hemingway Quote from The Old Man and the Sea

    Ernest Hemingway Quote from The Old Man and the Sea He always thought of the sea as 'la mar' which is what people call her in Spanish when they love her. Sometimes those who love her say bad things of her but they are always said as though she were a woman. Some of the younger fishermen, those w...


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