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  • The Best American Stories, Author Name Tom Perrota

    The Best American Short Stories 2012 Best American Series, Best American R. Book authors names:  by Authord Tom Perrotta and Heidi Pitlor Written and printed Year Oct 2, 2012

    Tags: American, Stories, R, Tom, Author, Name

  • The Scenes Of Love

    The Scenes Of Love. An American Romantic Fantasy Film.

    Tags: American, Romantic, Fantasy

  • Zoe Saldaña Cute Dress

    Zoe Saldaña Cute Dresses. American Doernican Hispanic actress fashion clothing lover, sports woman. And Dance Ballet Music  

    Tags: American, Hispanic, Fashion Clothing, Dance Ballet, Music

  • Taylor Swift Best Videos

    This is a video with love for the top American simple girls who climbed the stairs of sucess because of her art and power to to obtain the fame: Users 110.963.643. Music video by Taylor Swift performing 22. Big Machine Records, LLC.Eminem, and Taylor Swift were the top YouTube Music Awards....

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  • American Express Credit Cards

    The Best American Express Credit Cards

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  • Bacon Market Share

    Bacon Market Share Update: Not even the drastic higher prices of bacon has hurt bacon sales in America! Not only is it still the condiment of choice to increase flavor in foods and a staple item at the breakfast table for the average American consumer, but bacon sales has actually increased 5.56%...

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  • Share This Weird & Scary But Awesome Photo To Everybody Everywhere !

    Share This Weird & Scary But Awesome Photo To Everybody Everywhere ! Pin On Pinterest Flickr Instagram Tumblr MySpace Gamestop Facebook The Book Of Like Twitter E-Mails and In Every NET WWW and Com and every Crook and Nanny in the USA and World Where Life Exists and Win Free Downloads To...


  • Faith Love and Hope Will Prevail

    Yes, bringing in refugees to the United States of America scares me, for many reasons. Mainly because of wondering how we are as the country of the USA going to afford housing, feeding, teaching thousands of people who will likely not speak English fluently when we are already severely in debt ? ...

    Tags: faith, love, hope, refugees, united states of america, usa, housing, feeding, people, english, english fluently, contry, god, adversity, american, american people

  • We Are America

    When I first came to the United States of America I loved it so much that I quit my job in Costa Rica of Central America, put my house for sale, got my visa, and moved to FL a month later. Later, I met my lovely American wife in Eastern Ohio who barely spoke Spanish and her beautiful little girl,...


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