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  • E.T. Over The Moon

    E.T. Over The Moon. The finger has powers from the alien young creature and he share with the boy's finger.

    Tags: Over The Moon, Boy, Creature, E.T

  • Beautiful Brown Baby Boy Latino Latin Brown Babies

    Beautiful Brown Baby Boy Latino Latin Brown Babies Brown Baby Blue Boy Go Blow Your Horn! 

    Tags: Beautiful, Brown Baby, Boy, Latino, Latin, Brown Babies, Brown Baby, Blue Boy, Blue Boy Go Blow Your Horn, Beautiful Brown Baby Boy Latino Latin Brown Babies

  • Royal Baby Is Gorgeous But Queen of England Is Not

    Royal Baby Is Gorgeous But Queen of England Is UGLY according to Amanda Bynes ...did Amanda cross a boundary? I guess her boundary line crossed, was to London! Yes, there we have it, Amanda Byne's grand royal opinion of the new Royal Baby Boy born to The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge Prince Willi...


  • Prince Will and Kate and baby boy

    Photo of Prince Prince Will and Kate and baby boy and baby boy leaving the hospital in London

    Tags: photo, Prince Will and Kate, baby, boy, hospital, London

  • Lorde Review

    I am the oldest of 7 children. If I could talk to myself at the beginning of College, I would tell myself to become an archeologist rather than an attorney. I met my husband on The Book of Like social media website. We have a Match marriage and two Match babies. I like to play video games, I am ...


  • Cold Winter Wishes ...

    After a long harsh cold winter of bustery winds and freezing ice and temperatures, who wouldn't want to hitch hike a ride to a warm tropical paradise like Costa Rica or even Hawaii if you do not have a passport to travel internationally! However, I DO NOT recommend what that teenager boy ...

    Tags: cold, harsh, winter, bustery, winds, freezing, ice, temperatures, Costa Rica, California, Kahului, Hawaii, wrong, alive, San Jose, warm, tropical, paradise, teenager, boy, passport, travel, jet's landing gear, plane

  • Very Cute Baby Boy Photos Winner !

    Very Cute Baby Boy Photos Winner ! In our extremely cute baby boy pictures group, the grand prize winner is 2 week old baby boy Dominik Hasek of New Jersey! Congratulations Dominik, we hope you and your parents enjoy your prize of a one week vacation to Hawaii, a year's worth of Huggies diapers a...

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