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  • Kim K and Ray in Costa Rica on Memorial Day Weekend Partying!

    Kim K and Ray in Costa Rica on Memorial Day Weekend At Lucy's Party! 

    Tags: Kim K and Ray, KimK Ray, Costa Rica, Partying, Memorial Day, Weekend, Party, Lucy

  • Photos De La teja Costa Rica | Costa Rican Newspaper

    A photo of the newspaper La Teja in Costa Rica | Una sola fot para llevar la imagen e idea mas clara de este periodico tico. Si desea ver mas fotos favor visitar la website oficial del sitio.

    Tags: La Teja, Costa Rica, Periodico, Newspaper

  • Orange Theory Costa Rica

    Orange Theory Costa Rica

    Tags: Orange Theory Costa Rica, Orange Theory, Costa Rica, Orange Theory Cost

  • Jurassic Park Movie, A Dead Dinosaur

    Jurassic Park Movie, A Dead Dinosaur. a Dino is down and the doctor is checking it for life signals. A wonderful scary film with base in an island at Costa Rica. The cience mass produces wild prehistoric animals aand put human life on danger.

    Tags: Jurassic Park, Doctor, Costa Rica, Human Life, Dinosaur

  • A Quetzal Bird in Costa Rica Monteverde

    Quetzals are very lovely! A Quetzal bird or El Quetzal is a native bird of Guatemala and they begin migrating to Costa Rica and other Central American countries further south from August to December. They have super long tail feathers (up to one to three feet long) and come in all kinds of d...


  • Cold Winter Wishes ...

    After a long harsh cold winter of bustery winds and freezing ice and temperatures, who wouldn't want to hitch hike a ride to a warm tropical paradise like Costa Rica or even Hawaii if you do not have a passport to travel internationally! However, I DO NOT recommend what that teenager boy ...

    Tags: cold, harsh, winter, bustery, winds, freezing, ice, temperatures, Costa Rica, California, Kahului, Hawaii, wrong, alive, San Jose, warm, tropical, paradise, teenager, boy, passport, travel, jet's landing gear, plane

  • Mamon Chino Fruit

    Mamon Chino Fruit is an unusual looking tropical fruit in Costa Rica, Panama, and other countries in Central America that resembles little red spiked porcupines! The edible part of the fruit is underneath the red protective shells, and they kind of taste like " sweet squishy grapes " and my child...

    Tags: Mamon Chino Fruit, Mamón, Costa Rica, Panama, Central America, Rambutan, Asia, Asian origin, Europe, Nephelium lappaceum, tropical trees, porcupines, mamon chino fruta, fruta, fruit

  • Picture of a Quetzal Bird

    Picture of a Quetzal Bird in the country of Costa Rica

    Tags: Picture of a Quetzal Bird, Picture of a Quetzal Bird in the country of Costa Rica, Picture, Quetzal Bird, country, Costa Rica

  • Cataratas de Llanos de Cortes Guanacaste Costa Rica Waterfalls

    Cataratas de Llanos de Cortes Guanacaste Costa Rica Waterfalls

    Tags: Cataratas de Llanos de Cortes Guanacaste Costa Rica Waterfalls, Cataratas de Llanos de Cortes, Guanacaste, Costa Rica, Waterfalls, Cataratas de Llanos, Cortes, Guanacaste Costa Rica, Costa Rica Waterfalls, Costa Rica

  • Purple Flower Costa Rica

    Purple Flower Costa Rica

    Tags: Purple Flower Costa Rica, Purple Flower, Costa Rica

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