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  • Referral Program VigLink Monetization and Analytics

    The best way is to try, allow the new affiliate program to do the job for at least 3 months and then, of course, make sure you have visitors coming in to your website, make a decission base on real facts, sellect the right programs for your business, check them, so they conflict withothers and do...

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  • Botched Restoration of Jesus Painting ~ Botched Jesus Painting Restoration

    In 1910 an oil painting titled "Ecce Homo", or "Behold the Man" in English, was painted on the wall of Santuario de la Misericordia Roman Catholic Church (or Mercy Church) in Borja, Spain. The original version of this century-old fresco painted by Elias Garcia Martinez depicte...

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  • Cynthia Rowley

    I tend to look for love in all the wrong places, therefore I am no longer looking and happier than I have ever been being a single Mommy of two wonderful kids. I love them to the moon and back. My motto use to be:  You study, you pass. You pass, you get happy. You get happy, you play. You play...

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  • Brenda Song

    I am a stay at home single mom, and you can call me lazy if it makes you feel better about yourself by all means! However, I am anything BUT lazy. I have three children, two of which are in extra curricular activities 4 days a week, which will go to 5 come March. My youngest is eight months old a...

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  • Real Haunted Scary Doll Possessed

    Real Haunted Scary Doll Possessed that someone posted on eBay for sale. There was an antique scary doll like this one at my grandma's house that would move around and giggle. My cousin never believed it so I decided to show her one day. I put the doll in the closet facing the door, we waited abou...

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