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  • Space Powers On Earth

    Space Powers On Earth. A wonderful PG Film that has a great content on how people care about aliens as longer they desert it and visit in peace the earth.

    Tags: PG Film, Aliens, Powers, Earth

  • Stephenie Meyer Photo Album, Romance, Science Fiction, fear, righteousness, love, creativity, wonder, attitude, life, courage, cope, adversity, ability, existence, understand, gift, unique, unrepeatable

    Stephenie Meyer Photo Album full of wonder, creativity, love, romance, Science Fiction, fear, and righteousness!  Nothing better defines a person that his attitude towards life, his courage to cope on a daily basis with the face of adversity and your ability to thank even the slightest ...

    Tags: Earth, Science Fiction, Romance Novel, Alien Race

  • The Real Chow Baby Puppy Dog and Cutest Puppies and Kids On Earth

    The Real Chow Baby Puppy Dog and Cutest Puppies and Kids On Earth! All about the Chinese Chow Chow (sometimes simply called Chow), information, photos, breeders, rescues, temperament, health, chow baby puppies, training, behavior, care of Chow Chows and dog ...

    Tags: The Real Chow Baby, Chow Baby, Puppy Dog, dog breed mixes, information, photos, breeders, rescues, temperament, health, chow baby puppies, training, behavior, care, Cutest Puppies, Chow Chows, chow chow, Kids, Earth

  • A Meteorite Rock That Came from Space

    A Meteorite Rock That Came from Space. The alien rock is partial inside of he earth ground. The color looks black but when near to this objects, people can see that they are made of some source of pure granite material construction or hard quartz

    Tags: Quartz, Granite, Meteorite, Earth, Ground

  • Supermoon November 2016

    Supermoon November 2016 photo since November 14, 2016 is a record-breaking Super moon that has not taken place in nearly 70 Years. This is the closest the Moon will get to the Earth until November 25 2034, and the last time was in 1948 when Israel became a nation! The Moon will appear much bigger...

    Tags: Supermoon November 2016, Supermoon, November 2016, photo, November 14, 2016, record-breaking, Super moon, Moon, Earth, 14%, 30%, November 25 2034, 1948, Israel, nation, full moon, The Moon, 21st century, NASA, Full Beaver Moon

  • Home Is Where The Heart Is Poems

    Home is people's souls. It's not a place. If you go back to a place after souls are gone, then all you can see is an empty space. Home is where your heart is, more-so than where you lay your head. Home is not a place, it's a feeling and a state of mind. Earth is our temporary home....

    Tags: home sweet home, home is where the heart is, poems, poem, home is people's souls, grandmother, kitchen, kitchens, fast food, woman, women, World War 2, processed food, meanings, free place, souls, space, shelter, love, earth, smelter, homeless, head, state of mind

  • NYC Weather Update Blizzard Winter Storm Jonas

    Breaking News NYC Weather Update : It's A Blizzard Out There ! Over 85 million people are in the path of a record breaking massive winter storm Jonas that has iced up most of the East Coast and Mid-Atlantic in America. Worst storm on earth in awhile! About 80,000 customers are without power in Ne...

    Tags: nyc weather update, winter storm Jonas, breaking news, nyc, weather, nyc weather, blizzard, 85 million, record breaking, massive, storm, winter storm, east coast, mid-atlantic, America, earth, New Jersey, New York, Philadelphia, snow, ice, power

  • Solar Eclipse 2016 New Moon

    The dark shadow of the New Moon crossed planet Earth on September 1st 2016. In silhouette the Moon did not quite cover the Sun but created an annular solar eclipse. The shadow's narrow central path was about 62 miles wide at maximum eclipse. Beginning in the South Atlantic ocean, it tracked towar...

    Tags: Solar Eclipse 2016 New Moon, Solar Eclipse, 2016, New Moon, annular, phase, September 1st, annular phase, earth, moon, sun, south atlantic ocean, est, africa, indian ocean, Reunion Island, eclipse

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