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  • Prince Will and Kate and baby boy

    Photo of Prince Prince Will and Kate and baby boy and baby boy leaving the hospital in London

    Tags: photo, Prince Will and Kate, baby, boy, hospital, London

  • Lyndon B Johnson Facts

    Lyndon B Johnson facts :  According to 36th U.S. President Lyndon B Johnson facts , he used to own an Amphibious car called The Amphicar and he loved it to frighten his guests by driving them into a pond while yelling at the top of his lungs that the brakes were failing! Oh that ol Lynnie B ...


  • Kempton Park Old Abandoned Hospital Haunted !

    The Kempton Park old abandoned hospital really is haunted ! This creepy abandoned building is located in South Africa. It opened in 1976 and closed down for good in 1996 for unknown mysterious reasons. Anytime someone records video footage at this property , then all of the videos afterwards will...

    Tags: Kempton Park Old Abandoned Hospital Haunted, Kempton Park, Old Abandoned Hospital, Haunted, old, abandoned, hospital, haunted, creepy, abandoned building, nurses, freaky, South Africa, property, video, videos, photos, The Best of Abandonment Footage Worldwide

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