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  • The Family And The Newborn Baby

    The Family And The Baby, Mom and Dad Hold The NewBorn Baby Girl

    Tags: Mom, Dad, Newborn

  • Ana Nicole Smith Little Daugher

    Photos Of Ana Nicole Smith Little Daugher, Picture of Her Real Life. Acting Begins Just Like Mom's Career Before Death On 1979. Follow The Story, Become A Fan. Her Mother Is Proud From Heavens.

    Tags: Story, Fan, Mom, Heavens

  • The Mom Dog female Feeds Her Small Baby Kitty

    The Mom Dog Female Feeds Her Small Baby Kitty. For sure this cat will grow strong and who knows, maybe will behave like a dog.

    Tags: Dog Female, Mom, Small Baby

  • Best Kate Upton Pictures & Most Favorite Movies I Love !

    Best Kate Upon Pictures. Posting Photos Might Take Some Time. These Are A Few Of Them, For A Good Photograph Collection Beginning. The Other Woman, The Three Stooges. Life is like photography. You need the negatives to develop. Kate Upton does it well, and her Mom takes most o...

    Tags: Best Kate Upon Pictures, The Three Stooges, Kate Upton, Pictures, Images, Photography, Life is like photography. You need the negatives to develop, Mom, images

  • My Personal Emma Emma Emily Song

    Hello there everyone, I'm Emma and NO I'm NOT Emma Watson the movie actress but Emma Watson the Mom, Wife and Preschool teacher. lol Yep, my maiden name was Emma Thompson (but is there an Emma Thompson actress now too, though?), but been Emma Watson before the famous Emma celebrity was even born,...


  • Jackie Robinson Facts Biography

    Jackie Robinson Facts Biography ~ I'm not good in social situations. Would rather be with a few friends than a crowd even if I know everyone in the crowd. I worry about everything. I LOVE tattoos. I should have been a gypsy because I like to move when I get bored. I don't understand the word...


  • They're Back ! Amanda Bynes Disney Photo At Disneyland in California

    They're Back ! Well, Amanda Bynes Disney girl is back ...or is it Nickelodeon? ...after being released one week ago from a Malibu Rehab in California and seems to be doing really great after spending over 6 months in a Mental Institution for Bi Polar Depression & Schizophrenia mental dep...

    Tags: They're Back, Amanda Bynes, Amanda Bynes Disneyland, the happiest place on Earth, Nickelodeon, Malibu, rehab, California, Mental Institution, Bi Polar Depression, Schizophrenia, amusement park, ride, Costco, Mom, Dad, home, fans, goofy, Amanda all that, nerd quirks, love, Twerk Team hat

  • A Priceless & Beyond True Quote For Women Daughters & Moms

    A Priceless & Beyond True Quote For Women & Moms. This Woman's Quote is SO Beyond True! ~ " By The Time A Woman Realizes Her Mother Was Right, She Has A Daughter Who Thinks She's Wrong." LOVE These True Words Of Wisdom, I Wonder If Something Could Be Done About It?! Ha! In My Case, M...


  • How to Make Sure You Got Loved

    My Love Quotes Contribution: People is always looking for happiness, and then, there isn't happiness without love! Really, these three steps will show us how to make sure by planting the seed of love, we can get it right back to ourselves. Love is a process that begins with us believing it ...

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  • Any advice for my good friend, Emmi ?!?!

    My boyfriend kicked me out of HIS home and will not let me take the 2 babies & its the weekend now... what to do???Ric kicked me out last night and we have 2 babies, an 18 month old and 4 month old. Not only did he just kick me out randomly, but has his WHOLE family on his side. We have been ...

    Tags: boyfriend, weekend, ric, babies, family, parents, siblings, Emmi, children, money, home, friend's, canada, husband, vacation, canadian, mom, arctic weather, arctic, weather, library, helpless, love, break, arrested, close friends, kids, clothes, nothing, courts, life, helpless

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