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  • Photo of Scary Haunted Stanley Hotel based on scary book The Shining by Stephen King

    This is a photo of The old Neo-Georgian Stanley Hotel of Estes Park, Colorado is not only the hotel shown in the REMAKE of Stephen King's The Shining movie, but ALSO the hotel that inspired Stephen King to write his novel in the 1st place~ It's a major haunted attraction for ghost tours. .especia...

    Tags: Photo, Scary, Haunted, Estes Park, Colorado, Stanley Hotel, Neo-Georgian, old, scary book, The Shining, Stephen King, Halloween, ghosts, spirit activity, hotel, haunted hotel

  • Abandoned Lunatic Insane Asylum of Columbia, South Carolina Photo

    The Historical Lunatic Insane Asylum of Columbia, South Carolina was built in 4 different stages between 1857 & 1885. This Kirkbride-style mental hospital building was abandoned in the mid 1990's. Part of the place was turned into a haunted house in the last decade, before it got so run down....

    Tags: Abandoned, Lunatic, Insane Asylum, Columbia, South Carolina, Photo, haunted house, ghost hunters, mental hospital, building

  • Real Creepshow 3 Alice - The Queen Of Screams Scary Movie 2006 Photo

    Photo of Scary Movie called Real Creepshow 3 Alice - The Queen Of Screams (2006) ~ An American Horror movie & sequel to 1982 Horror Anthology classic Creepshow by Stephen King & George Romero

    Tags: Real Creepshow 3 Alice, The Queen Of Screams, Scary Movie, 2006, Photo, 1982 Horror Anthology, classic Creepshow, Stephen King, George Romero

  • Original Classic Tales from the Crypt Movie Series Photo

    Do you happen to remember the original classic Tales from the Crypt Keeper by John Kassir? Or, have your and/or your friends ever read a Tales from the Crypt comic book and/or watched any of the horror movies or TV series! The 3 films were Tales from the Crypt in 1972, Tales from the Crypt: Demon...

    Tags: Original, Classic, Tales from the Crypt, Movie, John Kassir, Series, Photo, HBO, films, horror movies, TV Episodes, cartoon series, EC

  • Abandoned Oregon State Hospital Forgotten Copper Urns of the Dead Photo

    The abandoned condemned wing of the Oregon State Hospital in Salem, also known as the Oregon State Insane Asylum, was built in 1883. The 1975 movie "One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest" was filmed here, & soon afterwards began falling into deep disrepair & suffered from neglect. Recently...

    Tags: Abandoned Oregon State Hospital, Photo, dead, old, corroding, copper urns, movie, 1975, One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest, deteriorating, crematorium, scary

  • Spooky Haunted House

    Spooky Haunted House Photo

    Tags: Spooky Haunted House, spooky, haunted house, haunted, house, photo

  • Eerie Queerie CREEPY Abandoned Swimming Pool Photo

    Eerie Queerie CREEPY Abandoned Swimming Pool Picture That's Just Itching For Any Swimmers To Jump Right In! - Care To Go For A Swimmers Itch Of A Dive?....

    Tags: Eerie Queerie, CREEPY, Abandoned Swimming Pool, swimmers, jump, dive, swimmers itch, care, itching, photo, picture

  • Abandoned Amusement Park Water Slide Photo In Arkansas Dogpatch USA

    Abandoned amusement park business called Dogpatch USA Theme Park of Arkansas opened in 1963 and company closed in 1993 because of an unsettled business lawsuit. A creepy Dogpatch USA abandoned photo of the deserted water slide ruins.      

    Tags: Abandoned Amusement Park, Water Slide Photo, Arkansas, Dogpatch USA, creepy, photo, company, business, deserted

  • Branch Davidian compound in Waco Texas Abandoned Swimming Pool Photo

    Is the alligators in the sewer urban legend now proven true ?!?? Nope, not in this photo. This photo is the abandoned swimming pool remains at the Branch Davidian compound in Waco Texas & is only a mere feet away from the religious sect's bunker where 82 men, women & kids l...

    Tags: alligators in the sewer, urban legend, FBI, David Koresh, abandonment, children, kids, eerie, lifeless, water, abandoned swimming pool, Branch Davidian compound, Waco, Texas, religious sect, photo

  • Prince Will and Kate and baby boy

    Photo of Prince Prince Will and Kate and baby boy and baby boy leaving the hospital in London

    Tags: photo, Prince Will and Kate, baby, boy, hospital, London

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