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    Top Amusement & Entertaining Action For Keeping The Whole Family Playing And Happy.I'm The Games and Video Game Industry, A Mega Money Maker For Corporations And Software Programmers, The Players Enjoy The Good Software Product Final.The Game Has The Power To Change Minds, Some For Good Som...

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  • Most Fun Cool Math Games For Kids !

    Cool Math Games For Kids Like Run 2 & Sugar Sugar ! Play! ─►

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  • A Normal Person VS. A Gamer ! :)

    A Normal Person VS. A Gamer ! :) Play! ➨ ──▄████▄▄░─▄▀█▀▐└─┐░░─█▄▐▌▄█▄┘██ ─└▄▄▄▄▄┘███

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  • Kim Kardashian News

    I can't/won't listen to radio phone pranks- get nervous/embarrassed for people they are pranking, my Sister loves to phrank on phones though. I want to play the dead body on a CSI style tv show. I do not like the Disney movie Dumbo- could watch daily..Pulp Fiction, Pride n Prejudice, Pollyanna, G...


  • Jack Frost Zombie

    Jack Frost Zombie and his Frosty the Zombie Gang have stricken again, even battery powered hair dryers and blow torches did not work this time ! EVERYONE needs to play ─► The Walking Dead Zombie Battleground Plug and Play Video Game!It is hardcore epic awesome, comes with a Pump-action ga...

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  • Closed Room Game App Review

    Closed Room Game App Review : Closed Room Game Apps 1 and 2 are my all-time favorite puzzle games besides Tetris, Ellie and Minecraft video games.  I just downloaded the gaming app for free on my iPhone and my iPad pc a week ago! I did get stuck quite a few times and began thinking it was im...


  • If You Were To Win The Lottery What Will You Do With The Money?

    If You Were To Win The Lottery What Will You Do With The Money? Bla bla bla bla answers are never allowed because i know many of you will come up with the stupid answer that you never play lottery because it is something really bad or at-least the money is never welcome.Well, what will i do with ...

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  • Different Perceptions Doggy Metaphors

    How deep is the mud? It depends on who you ask? Everyone (people and pets ) has different perceptions on life and what is acceptable, and we just say, "Rinse it off and continue to play!". Gotta love the cute doggy metaphors , either way!

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