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  • Kim Zolciak

    Model. Activist. Avid chocolate chip cookie lover. Writer. Photographer. Ponderer.  Occasional Snort-Laughter. Yogi. Mother. Human Living. Breathing. Thinking. Seeing. Being. Creating. Pasta Lover. Survival Requires Humor. And Foods.

    Tags: Raising My Kids, Traveling, Wandering, Wondering, Working Out, Old School, Video Games, Poems, Urban Photography, 80s Music, Acting

  • Famous Circle K Love Poems & Best Love Quotes For Her and Him

    Love Poems for a Girlfriend, Love Poems For A Girl, Love poems for the one you love. Love Poems for her. Love poems for him. Poems from Boyfriends to Girlfriends. Romantic short love poems for wife. Famous love poems for husband. Most Cute Love Poems & Love quotes. K Love I love you quotes...


  • Abigail Spencer

    My nickname since I was a baby is "Abi-Pooh" can also call my Abi and Abigail, but PLEASE don't call me plain old Gail because Gail is an old lady's name! lolAnyways, I have A.D.D. ... and have so much fun with it...too much fun, actually. HahaI love DIY channel and HGTV (would love to tear...

    Skills: Gourmet Cooking, Baking, Video Gaming, Fashion Design, Poems, Exercising, Having Fun, Puzzles, Writing Songs, Singing, Playing Guitar, DIY Projects, Petcare, Biology, Science, Organizing

  • Sussudio

    My name is Sussudio Genesis Zippy and it is a privilege to meet you, and it is a privilege for you to meet me likewise. I am a woman and a girl. I am considered everyone's dream best friend, sister, daughter, lover, wife, fiance, student, teacher, niece, cousin, stranger, neighbor, player, collea...

    Tags: Books, Novels, Poems, Literature, Food, Cooking, Baking, Planting Plants, Gardening, Dance, International Cultures and Foods, Sports, Music, Movies, Old Black and White Films

  • Claudine Alpha

    The name's Claudine, how are you doing? I originally made this social media account to find love online. I do feel you need to know somebody to really love them, and not based on appearances.  I feel that I don't need kids unless I am really in love, stable, and my significant other wants childre...

    Tags: Having Fun, Finding Love, Adventure, Video Games, Strolls on the Beach, Eating Out, Anime, Pokemon, Traveling, Poems, Going To The Zoo, History

  • Ronda Rousey

    Okay, most of you know me already. Some know me as Ronda, while others know me as ReRe ... But most know me as Ronda Roo.  I just got my Bachelor's Degree in Psychology last summer, I'm a writer and singer, and, as everyone knows, only chicks know how to draw, but I love to paint. I love doing ...

    Tags: Books, Reading, Music, Singing, Poems, Stories, Anime, Role Play, Psychology, Movies, Theater, Art, Museums, History

  • Emma Schmidt

    I have a Bachelor's of Science degree in Software Engineering and probably have too much LOVE, OBSESSION, and PASSION for Computers, PC Software and Hardware, and anything related Lol...Yeah, I'm a geek or nerd or whatever you want to call it!  With that being said, I also love to travel, enjoy f...

    Tags: Computers, Software, Hardware, Engineering, Food, Travel, Dining, Cooking, Art, Poems, Adventures, Learning, Love, Passion, Animals

  • Ally Brooke

    I'd love to be your friend and go on adventures. If life is as short as me....well, then we've got to make the most of it together as one y'all!  I love listening to music like Beyonce, Adele, 80s music, Justin Bieber, Demi Lovato, Kelly Clarkson, One Direction, Ed Sheeran, Jonas Brothers, Fifth ...

    Tags: Family, Music, Cooking, Eating, Watching TV, Movies, Cats, Adventures, Desserts, Religion, Life, Song-Writing, Poems

  • My Inspirations

    My Inspirations of my favorite quotes, photos, poems, movies, foods, music, people, places and things of the world and beyond! lol

    Tags: inspirations, favorite, quotes, photos, poems, movies, foods, music, people, places, things, world, beyond, lol

  • Home Is Where The Heart Is Poems

    Home is people's souls. It's not a place. If you go back to a place after souls are gone, then all you can see is an empty space. Home is where your heart is, more-so than where you lay your head. Home is not a place, it's a feeling and a state of mind. Earth is our temporary home....

    Tags: home sweet home, home is where the heart is, poems, poem, home is people's souls, grandmother, kitchen, kitchens, fast food, woman, women, World War 2, processed food, meanings, free place, souls, space, shelter, love, earth, smelter, homeless, head, state of mind

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